Courses taught:

Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, Bard College and Bard Prison Initiative

History and Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology, Bard College

Science and Social Values, Bard College and Bard Prison Initiative

Science, Rationality, and Democracy (tutorial), Bard College

Language and Thinking, Bard College

First-Year Seminar, Bard College and American University of Central Asia

Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science, American University of Central Asia

History of Science, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto

First-Year Seminar—can you guess the text?

Other teaching and pedagogical development work:

I am the Assistant Director of the Bard College Institute for Writing and Thinking, where my teaching focus is writing-to-learn in science classrooms (e.g. Science and the Sense of Wonder: Primo Levi’s Periodic Table and Charles Darwin’s Voyage of the BeagleWriting to Learn in the STEM DisciplinesPedagogy and Paleoart: Writing and Thinking Through the Scientific Images of Wonderful Life and The Sixth Extinction).

My previous teaching and pedagogy positions include:

Microteaching Coordinator (2011-13) and Teaching Assistant Trainer (2010-11), Teaching Assistants’ Training Program, Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, University of Toronto.

  • In my work with the TATP, I coordinated and facilitated simulated teaching practicums (“microteaching” sessions), a core component of the advanced TATP certificate program. These practicums, in which participants were video recorded, focused on presentation skills and effective lesson planning. I also designed and led workshops for graduate students as preparation for their current duties as TAs and their future role as faculty members, offered individual consultations on teaching, conducted in-class teaching observations and teaching dossier reviews, and more.

Teaching Assistant Trainer, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Toronto Scarborough (summer 2013)

  • I created and facilitated summer workshops for first-time teaching assistants at the UTSC campus.

Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto

  • History of Modern Technology, History of Technology and Engineering Pre-Industrial Revolution, Darwinism, History of Science, Scientific Revolutions I and II, The Engineer in History, Topics in History of Mathematics from 1700 (grader), and History of Medicine (grader).

Women’s Educator, Côte d’Ivoire (2001-2002), international development internship with the Canadian International Development Agency (now International Youth Internship Program), in partnership with CAUSE Canada.